Officers Cleared in Fatal Shooting

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Tallahassee police are releasing a 47 page internal affairs report. It says the four officers involved in a shooting that left a 17-year-old dead are headed back to the streets.

"The report said that the officers were justified in using deadly force back in November," said OFC John Newland of the Tallahassee Police Department.

Police say John Francis Hayes was shot by four officers after he failed to comply with officer commands, reaching into a car where two firearms were found.

A grand jury cleared the officers last month. Now the force says they're ready to get back in their patrol cars.

The family's attorney says this is all very hard for the family to take.

"The family is not pleased to know that these officers will be reissued firearms and turned back loose on the public again, and I'm not comforted by that thought either," said Joseph Weathers.

"We want justice for John Francis, and that's really what we want. We hope we can put an end to this kind of activity by law enforcement officers. They just have no business killing unarmed civilians in such a fashion as they did in this case."

The attorney says they plan to file a civil suit. The family did not want to talk but they hope that'll bring some sort of justice.

In the meantime, the officers will be back on the streets beginning this coming Saturday.