Girlfriend Takes Stand in Murder Trial

A woman took the stand in a Tallahassee courtroom Tuesday morning and described the night her boyfriend was shot and killed just inches away from her.

Her riveting testimony came on opening day of Robert Matthews' murder trial. He's facing life in prison if convicted of killing Corvin Harrison.

Patricia Parker, the victim's girlfriend, says, "I looked up and Corvin's eyes closed and he went back into the seat and blood come down from his head and he was gone."

Patricia Parker described the night in September 2004 that her longtime boyfriend Corvin Harrison was shot and killed in the front seat of her car right next to her.

Patricia says, "My ears started ringing, everything started going slow motion."

She says the deadly shot came from the back seat and was fired by the couple's roommate, Robert Matthews.

Patricia adds, "And the whole time in my mind I was telling myself, run."

Fearing she was next, Patricia Parker got out of the car and hid in the bushes until she says Matthews pushed the dead and bleeding Corvin Harrison out of the driver seat, got behind the wheel and took off.

Frank Sheffield, defense attorney, says, "One part of the puzzle that's missing."

Yet Matthews’ attorney contends both men were drug dealers who owed people money and there are others who may have wanted Harrison dead. He points out Parker was looking out the window at the time and didn't witness the fatal shot.

Frank Sheffield, defense attorney, says, "There will be no witness who will come in here and take the witness stand and will tell you they saw Robert Matthews shoot Corvin Harrison. Not one."

Parker testified that her boyfriend was giving up drug dealing and had asked Matthews to move out. They were bringing him to Tallahassee to start over. Wednesday, Matthews' sister is expected to take the stand. She is the one who turned him in.