Lawmakers Make Demands in Wake of Boot Camp Death

Some Florida lawmakers are demanding the Bay County boot camp where a teenager died last month be shut down immediately. They want every boot camp in the state shut down.

Fourteen-year-old Martin Lee Anderson died last month just a few hours after he was admitted to the Bay County boot camp.

Guards recorded his final minutes on videotape.

Tuesday, the Florida Conference of Black State Legislators demanded a formal investigation, and they want to see the videotape.

Rep. Wilbert Holloway, (D) Miami Gardens, says, “Five children have lost their lives during the past five years in this particular department. Parents are sending us their children to help with disciplinary problems and our department has returned them back in boxes. We cannot tolerate this.”

Sen. Frederica Wilson, (D) Miami, adds, “Why is that boot camp still operating? Why is it still open? Why haven’t they closed it and taken all of the children out of that place and put them in alternative sites and prosecuted, arrested the people who laid hands on these children?”

Also Tuesday the Miami Herald and CNN filed suit against FDLE, demanding the release of the videotape of Anderson's final moments.

The governor said Tuesday that tape should be made public sooner rather than later.