Salute to Rev. C.K. Steele

Sunday, people gathered at Bethel Missionary Baptist Church to honor the life and accomplishments of the late Reverend Charles Kenzie Steele.

The Tallahassee Branch of the NAACP celebrated the life of C.K. Steele through song and reflection. Steele, a civil rights activist and friend of Dr. Martin Luther King, helped organize the Tallahassee bus boycott of the late 50's.

Folks who remember Steele say he was a man of high integrity and a promoter of peace.

"Dr.Steele was a great person. White and Blacks loved him," said Mattie Mobley, a member of the Women in NAACP. " I never heard anyone say any bad thing about him, because he was a non-violent fellow."

A statue of Steele sits at the Tallahassee City Bus Terminal on Tennessee Street. Steele would have been 89 years old this month.