Give a Drink, Lose a License

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This bill has the backing of Wakulla County Sheriff David Harvey, but it's being scrutinized by some Wakulla County attorneys.

Ask residents and they'll tell you, congestion on Wakulla County streets is worse than ever, so getting drunk drivers off the road is a top priority for local leaders.

The sheriff is backing a new bill headed for the Florida Legislature. It would suspend or revoke the driver's license of anyone caught providing alcohol to a minor, and some residents think it's a drive in the right direction.

Laurel Henry says, "I would surely go along with it. It's not right."

Nancy Perkins adds, "If they actually were caught in the act, yes, I would agree to that."

But some attorneys say there are enough laws on the books already dealing with drinking and driving. Steven Glazer says when he began his career there were 1,400 pages on the books. Today there are over 2,000.

Steven says, "Every time legislators go to Congress enacting laws they have to say well, I'm tough on crime, re-elect me. This is all for re-election. This is all for political grandstanding."

Glazer agrees that drinking and driving is a problem. He says he's not sure this is the way to deal with it. State Sen. Jim King is pushing the bill through the Legislature.

Session begins March 7. Sheriff Harvey says this bill was prompted by a case where a minor died in a car crash after he had been drinking at a party with adults present.

A provision in the bill would not revoke the licenses from business owners or clerks who sell alcohol to minors.