Testimony Continues in Murder Trial

Testimony continued Wednesday in the murder trial of Robert Matthews, who's accused of killing his roommate while on a trip to Tallahassee.

Jurors waded through bags of evidence and dozens of crime scene photos that crisscrossed two counties.

Corvin Harrison's boss took the stand and told the jury Harrison was paid in cash the very same day he was killed.

John Cowan, Harrison's boss, says, "It was just really, really close to, I want to say it was 1,490-something dollars, right at 1,500 dollars."

Harrison was shot and killed in September 2004. His roommate and admitted partner in the drug business, Robert Matthews, is accused of pulling the trigger and stealing that money.

Prosecutors showed the jury dozens of photos, some taken where Harrison's body was found in Wakulla County, others of his bloody clothes that prosecutors say Matthews tossed in a convenience store dumpster in Leon County.

William Kornegay with TPD Forensics said, "Suspected bloody clothing, a broken cell phone, a purse, the identification of Patricia Parker."

Perhaps the biggest break for the defense is testimony from a DNA analyst who tested blood found on the victim's clothes and discovered not only DNA from Harrison and Matthews, but from other unidentified people too.

Jack Martin, an FDLE analyst, said, "There was one item of evidence that did give indications of there being a female profile, yes."

One of the jurors in this case was excused Wednesday. The judge says there was some question as to whether he knew the defendant.

The defense demanded a mistrial but the judge said no. She replaced him with an alternate juror. Testimony is expected to wrap up Thursday.