Controversy Over Boot Camp Death Tape Continues

The committee is trying to decide if boot camps are still a viable option for young offenders.

Gina Jones, the mother or 14-year-old Martin Lee Anderson, held a picture of her son as he lay in his casket. She was begging state lawmakers not to let her son die in vain.

Father Robert Anderson could hardly contain his anger.

"How could grown men do a child like this, my child, anybody’s child?"

The Department of Juvenile Justice’s own records show the Bay Boot Camp, where Anderson died, was a low performer with a history of violence.

State Rep. Gus Barreiro blames DJJ for being slow to act.

Rep. Gus Barreiro, (R) Miami, says, “Because I have a list of, I don’t know, a dozen abuse allegations from the Bay County, only from the Bay County program. So they should have been more proactive.”

The Black Legislative Caucus called for a special prosecutor in the death and demanded those involved be charged with murder.

Sen. Gary Siplin, (D) Orlando, says, “We want the FDLE or the authorities to go and subdue and arrest those people who brutally beat, kicked and punched and choked mister Anderson, 14 years old.”

The lawmakers also joined a suit to force publication of a video of the incident that claimed the 14-year-old's life. Gina Jones says she is ready to see it.

Gina says, “I know it’s gonna be pain, but I’m gonna look at everything I can for Martin. Martin don’t have a voice no more.”

The video, though, isn’t likely to be released until early next week. On Friday, Leon Circuit Judge Tom Bateman will hear arguments from several media outlets that have sued to get a copy of that videotape.