Tallahassee School Changes Name, Mascot, & Colors

By: Lanetra Bennett
November 13, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - Here come the Patriots! One Tallahassee elementary school is changing its name, colors, and mascot. It's all to honor veterans and the community's history.

It's no longer, "Go, Eagles" at Sabal Palm Elementary School in Tallahassee. They're now the Patriots.

The school unveiled its new mascot, which is a law enforcement/military service dog, and its new logo during a dedication ceremony Wednesday.

School Principal Ray King says, "The eagles is a good name and it's very patriotic. But, we wanted something on a day to day basis that the mascot, they could actually see it and touch it."

Principal Ray King says the new nickname, "Patriots" came about after learning that the entire area where the school sits was an army air base in World War II. He says it was a training area called, the Dale Mabry Field, named after a World War I pilot.

The school will also now be called, Sabal Palm Elementary at Dale Mabry Field.

Administrators say the changes are also a learning experience for students to understand the history of the school, community, and the country.

The assistant principal, Anicia Robinson, says, "They really don't know all the freedoms that they're kind of born with. They don't know the struggle that people have gone through, meeting different people, especially some of the older veterans that we have."

To complete the transition to the Patriots, the school has also added the color red to its blue and white school colors, in order to resemble the American Flag.

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