New Storm Water Technician

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No one really thinks about retention ponds and ditches unless you're part of storm water management.

Lowndes County spokesperson Paige Dukes says, "Our water that comes here in Lowndes County goes to other counties as well, so this is really something that the state does need to pass down to all the governments equally so that everybody's on the same page."

Next time you reach for a glass of water know that a lot of hard work went into making sure it's clean and safe, and now Lowndes County is taking that a step further.

Lowndes County hired Mike Sanders to be their full-time storm water technician. He'll work with the county engineering department and be responsible for making sure the county meets state regulations on storm water, a job as important as it is big.

Lowndes County Engineer Mike Fletcher says there will be, "Additional monitoring and inspections and the maintenance on all our storm water facilities in the county, whether it be drainage ditches, retention ponds, outfall structures, those kinds of things."

Sanders and the county will soon start educating school kids about our water and protecting it.

Dukes says, "Only rain down the drain, and this is something that children can take home to their parents."

The county wants to remind its residents that water management begins with the individual.