Bali Bomb Survivor

When an al Gueda bomb ripped through a nightclub in Bali late last year, a Florida State professor witnessed the death and destruction firsthand.

The professor, Allen Joseph, worries that if there is a war in Iraq there will be more bombings. So he's speaking out in support of a local anti-war resolution.

Bali, Indonesia, October 2002, an al Queda bomb destroys a nightclub killing more than 200 people. FSU professor Allen Joseph was less than a block away and saw the explosion.

"We were looking through the front windshield and the bomb was a fireball about 10 stories high,” Joseph explains.

Joseph worries a war with Iraq will create more scenes like this. So now he's giving his support to a Leon County resolution on Iraq. A resolution that calls for patience when it comes to war with Iraq.

"It's not in our interest pursuing it. And Leon County members, it's their duty, our elected officials, to stand up and say something for us,” Joseph says.

This Leon County resolution calls for: the support of American troops, the liberation of Iraq, and most controversially the resolution states opposition to any unilateral action. Supporter Cliff Thaell says a war could cost Leon County $83 million.

"There will be a direct impact on local government budgets if the U.S. takes presumptive military action in Iraq and essentially goes it alone,” says Thaell.

Leon County chairman Tony Grippa opposes the resolution saying it hurts morale and that it's not the domain of a local commission.

"We're not briefed on international affairs. We have duties that relate to Leon County residents and we ought to take up their business,” Grippa adds.

Commissioners have been swamped by emails for and against the Iraq resolution. The vote will be held at Tuesday’s commission meeting.