Water and Sewage Services on the Way

A new project affecting local residents also anticipating a countywide growth spurt.

Water and sewage is expected to make this possible. Residents along the
I-10 interchanges in Madison County will finally get water and sewage services.

Elaine Cryer says she's been waiting 30 years for this. She has three septic tanks on her property.

Elaine says, "When we have to replace them, they're extremely expensive. Not only that, we have to go through getting a permit."

Utilities are being constructed at the 1-10 interchanges at U.S. 221 in Greenville, State Road 53 in Madison, and County Road 255 in Lee.

Brian Hepburn, the project manager for Jones Edmunds & Associates, says, "Instead of having to use a septic tank or to drill your own well, they'll have potable water as well as sanitary sewer available to customers."

County officials say the availability of water and wastewater service will also encourage the economic development in this area.

Ronnie Moore of the Madison County Commission says, "A lot of businesses are reluctant to come because there's not adequate fire protection or adequate sewage and water. As we travel up and down the interstate we can see in different interchanges where businesses are flourishing."

Cheryl Archambault, City Manager for the Town of Lee, says, “In hopes to entice businesses and industry to develop here, bring jobs to our community. By bringing jobs and industry into the community, it'll help alleviate some of the take burden on our taxpayers."

A groundbreaking ceremony was held Thursday to start the project. Construction is scheduled to be completed by January 2007.