Last Minute Election Preparations

Just one day before the run-off for Tallahassee City Commission seats candidates are making last minute phone calls and waving signs on street corners.

But the campaigning has taken a turn for the worse in one of those races.

For four of the candidates it's a typical day of last minute campaigning. For two others, things got a little ugly.

Seat two opponents Mayo Woodward and Andrew Gillum squared off at a Woodward-called press conference.

The issue? Anti-Woodward phone calls he says were funded by either Gillum or the Democratic Party. Both Gillum and the party deny it.

“We have said from the beginning of our campaign to keep it positive, upbeat, not segway into negative issues,” says Andrew Gillum, candidate for Seat 2.

“I'm running against one person, Mr. Gillum. I want to know whether he paid for those phone calls. He never answered that. That's the one question I have,” comments Mayo Woodward who is also a candidate for Seat 2.

Both Gillum and the party deny it. Gillum told us he had nothing to do with the phone calls, and didn't know about them until Woodward and the media brought it up.

Meanwhile, state democrats paid for Gillum's TV spots and direct mail but say they had nothing to do with any phone calls.

The late timing probably means we won't get to the bottom of this until after the votes are all counted.

And it should be an interesting race. Woodward got 29-percent in the primary and Gillum got 25-percent.

Since then, three candidates from the earlier race have endorsed Gillum, one candidate has endorsed Woodward.