Orange Alert at Tallahassee Airport

If you're a frequent flyer out of Tallahassee, you've probably experienced a few delays at the airport over the past month...

Part of the problem can be blamed on heightened security that forced the cancellation of curb-side drop-offs

From the looks of things airport traffic seems to be running smoothly, with running smoothly, with delays only tacking on an extra 20 minutes for some, even so, airport officials say there's good news on the horizon.

Some say change is good, but they probably weren't saying it while lugging handfuls of bags up a flight of stairs. That's what these travelers have been doing since the Tallahassee regional airport closed its curb-side drop-off in early February.

"We're trying to do a balancing act, make sure balancing act, make sure our patrons are safe,” says Jim Durwin, Airport Operations.

Safety is the top priority if you ask Elizabeth Fabien, who flew in from Miami and was shocked but pleased to see the curb-side drop-off sealed off.

"We're willing to do whatever it takes for security reasons, its no problem at all,” comments Fabien.

But others aren't as happy about the change, especially when they're picking up car-loads of kids.

Curb-side activities could be back as soon as the end of this week. That's good news for travelers but what are the cost factors involved?

Durwin says to re-open curb-side drop off would likely require vehicle inspections which means the airport needs money for more personnel, and he believes they'll secure those additional funds real soon.