Sexual Allegations Against Wakulla Teachers

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Two Wakulla High School employees are off the job. The Sheriff's Office says they are the focus of sexual allegations with students.

The Superintendent of Schools isn't saying that though. He's just saying the employees acted inappropriately. He says one was an ESE teacher, the other a teacher's aide.

"It’s just conduct we wouldn't expect a paraprofessional or a teacher to have with a student," he said.

Supt. Miller says while all this comes as a shock, school officials felt as if they needed to take action right away, "We found out about it late Monday and action in that case was taken by Tuesday as soon as we found out the situation and what was believed to be true the other situation was almost as quick, within 24 hours."

The teacher's aide was fired and the teacher suspended without pay.

"We’ve been swift and decisive in what we've done and made decisions on pretty quick turnaround basis and of course we're gonna protect our students. Our goal is to protect our students and we feel like we've done that with the actions we've taken. There may be more actions to follow."

No charges have been filed and no one has been arrested. The investigation is ongoing. The superintendent says they found out about one case through rumors, the other concern from a parent.