Electric Bill Shock

Residents say they're in the dark when it comes to finding out why their bills are at an all time high. Havana residents are seeing an increase in their utility bills and they say there's a shortage of good reasons from town officials.

Marva Knox, a Havana resident, says, "My gas bill is $159 and I don't know why it is that because I haven't cooked in that house in four to five months. I don't use to use my gas."

Knox says the bills seem to fluctuate. Another Havana resident is paying $188.20 for gas and $138.51 for electricity. Another bill shows a resident paying $111.79 for bulk power adjustment. Town officials blame the recent storms and dropping temperatures for the increase.

Howard McKinnon, Finance Director, says, "The last two weeks in December were two of the coldest weeks we've had in a while and this particular billing cycle included in these two weeks.”

Havana residents aren't the only ones blowing a fuse when it comes to high utility bills. Tina Gee, who lives in Quincy, says this month's statement is $746.00; $607.00 of it is designated for gas. Gee says city officials haven't been able to ignite a good response.

Tina Gee, a Quincy resident, says, "Explain to us as taxpaying citizens what's going on, where these fees are coming from, and explain the different facilities involved as far as third party billing. Who is the electric company we’re buying resources from?"

Residents say they're now forced to dig deep into their pockets to stay warm.