Chronic Homelessness Plan

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After one year of planning, the mayor's task force to end chronic homelessness says it's approved a 10-year plan, and the focus starts before homelessness begins.

Mayor John Marks says, "We are looking at three primary goals; one is prevention."

The task force says that goal of prevention includes increasing the number of affordable housing units. The community is already facing a significant shortage.

There are two other major goals addressed in this 10-year plan, intervention and community awareness. Tallahassee Mayor John Marks says addressing homelessness problem is going to come with a price.

Mayor Marks says, "We have not put a dollar figure on how much this is going to cost; it's something we must do."

Mayor Marks says the dollar figure is more than just how much it will cost to end homelessness. There could also be savings involved. They also have to figure out how much homelessness is already costing the community.

The task force is now turning its attention to the costs involved, but they're also turning to the community for input.

Kay Freeman, Executive Director of the Big Bend Coalition for the Homeless, says, "I think it's up to the community at large now to help us see other aspects that we may not have totally looked at."

During the first six months of the plan's implementation, the task force hopes to establish a funding source for homeless services and prevention, and by the end of year one they hope to get a plan in place for the development of 100 affordable housing units.

If you want to take a look at the plan in its entirety, Mayor Marks says you can get a copy by contacting his office.