Boot Camp Video Made Public

Martin Anderson died soon after he was admitted to the Bay County Boot Camp in January. His parents have been fighting to see a videotape of the incident ever since, and Friday they say it confirmed their worst fears.

Martin Lee Anderson's parents have been trying to get a copy of the Bay County Boot Camp tape since the day he died. His mother says when she finally got it she had to walk out and couldn't bear to watch the whole thing.

Gina Jones, his mother, says, "Martin didn't have a chance. I feel like my baby was just being picked on. They picked on him, so much 'til they murdered my baby in that field."

Robert Anderson, his father, adds, "He was trying to do what they told him, but they still kicked him, beat him, punched him and the nurse stood by and didn't do nothing, nothing, not a thing, didn't call the ambulance until it was too late."

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement released the tape in the face of a lawsuit and intense public pressure. It confirms it has blurred faces to conceal the identities of other children, but it asserts the tape is in real time and nothing has been edited out.

One of the most disturbing stretches of tape shows Martin Lee Anderson struggling to take 10 or 12 steps before collapsing. He gets up and falls to his knees at least six more times. At one point you can see his limp body bow forward from some type of blow to the back.

Benjamin Crump, the family attorney, says, "We are absolutely certain as we stand with this mother and father that their son did not die naturally. "

Anderson's mother and father spoke to the press within minutes of viewing the tape. With the pain even more intense now, they say that the medical examiner blamed the teen's death on an undiagnosed sickle cell trait, not the altercation with guards.

Sen. Frederica Wilson, (D) Miami, says, "The people of this nation and of this world will do their own autopsy when they see that tape. They'll know what the cause of death was."

The Black Legislative Caucus is calling on Gov. Jeb Bush to appoint a special prosecutor to review this case and to order another autopsy be done outside Bay County.

FDLE, meanwhile, says it is still investigating and will not comment on the tape or any possible criminal charges until the investigation is finished.