Ray Charles Sculpture Is Unveiled

Ray Charles has been hailed as the pioneer of soul music. Residents in his home town are paying tribute to the musical genius by unveiling a sculpture in his honor.

The town of Greenville, Florida is paying tribute to one of its own.

Born Ray Charles Robinson in Albany, Georgia, Ray Charles spent the early part of his childhood running the streets of Greenville.

To honor the late award winning singer, the city has placed a life sized bronze sculpture in Haffye Hays Park.

Sheila Raye Charles, a daughter of Charles', was there and says, "I'm telling you it's just breathtaking. They did everything down to a ‘T’ for the likeness of our father."

Evelyn Robinson, another daughter, says, "I think they captured him quite nicely and it's very realistic and down to the open mouth. I think it's pretty awesome."

Four of Charles' children and one grandson were in attendance for the unveiling, all very pleased with the outcome.

Raenee Robinson, another daughter, says, "The people here are really beautiful and it's good to be here and to be in his footsteps right now, to know this is where he grew up."

The creators say they too are delighted with the finished project and the family's reaction.

Bradley Cooley, Sr., creator of the sculpture, says, "One of the things that makes us happy is the fact that the children are all here and they love it and they're happy with it."

Ray Charles' children say a few traits people might not know about their father is that he had a great sense of humor, was very humble, but always spoke his mind.