A Song in the Air: Boys Choir of Mitchell County Ready to Sing

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Eleven-year-old Javoris Harvey needed very little convincing after attending a performance by the Boys Choir of Tallahassee.

Javoris says, "I came and I heard how they sang and I wanted to be in it."

Harvey is a member of the new Boys Choir of Mitchell County. Members of the county's ministerial alliance thought a boys’ choir would be good for the community and chose the Boys Choir of Tallahassee director, Earle Lee, Jr. to lead the way.

Earle says, "We're just happy to come into Mitchell County and show these young men what can happen to them if they come in, do good work and stay out of trouble, and the sky's the limit for them and they've been reaching their goals and the goals we've set for them, so they are remarkable kids."

And the reaching of those goals has been made easier by members of the Tallahassee choir who volunteer their time each week to help out the new group.

Tobies Bryant, the president of the Boys Choir of Tallahassee, says, "We like to give back to the community and help because we were helped. We like to help other people out."

And so far that help is music to the ears of the community. The Mitchell County boys hit the stage for their first ever performance February 25, and from the sound of it, they'll be ready.

The Boys Choir of Mitchell County is for boys ages eight to 19, and the choir’s director says they're still accepting members; no auditions or fees required.

The choir meets every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00 p.m. at the old Presbyterian church on Hand Avenue in Pelham, GA.