More Flyers for Ali Gilmore

The search for a missing Tallahassee woman continues. Ali Gilmore did not show up to work on February 3 and now her disappearance is being called "suspicious.”

Ali Gilmore's family and friends are not giving up. They spent the weekend passing out more flyers. Sunday they stopped by the church Gilmore attends hoping the congregation will lend a helping hand.

Family and friends of 30-year-old Ali Gilmore are at it again. They say her disappearance is out of character for Gilmore, especially because she is four months pregnant and they stress the urgency of bringing her home safely.

Laurvetta Grimsley McLawrence, the mother of Ali Gilmore, says, "I need my daughter, I want my daughter. If there's anybody out there that knows of anything please contact the Tallahassee Police Department."

Tracey Smith, Gilmore's sister, says, "Ali is a very hard working young lady, very responsible. There's no reason we feel she would go home and not contact us."

Reaching out for more support, Gilmore's family spent time Sunday passing out flyers at Christian Heritage Church where Gilmore is a member.

Attallah McLawrence, another of Gilmore's sisters, says, "We just need for everyone to get together, help us find our sister. We really need the community support, the church support, everybody's support to help us find our sister."

Family members say Gilmore grew up in the West Palm Beach area, many of them still living there. They say the distance is making the search harder but find some peace in the support they have received here.

Smith said, "Even when we're not here, her friends are here. It's like an extended family we have here now."

Gilmore's family and friends continue to ask for support. They're looking for volunteers, anyone to hand out flyers, or even donations that can go towards a reward for her safe return.

Family members of Ali Gilmore say they traveled to Monticello Saturday where they received a lot of support. They also continue to talk with the media in south Florida to get Gilmore's picture and story out.