Chicken Fights

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"They're going to put up poultry houses right here in front of me, 600 feet."

Mark Rutland lives in Berrien County, and if all goes according to plan, he'll soon have thousands of chickens just across the road.

The owner of this house just signed a contract with Sanderson Farms to put two chicken houses on his property, which is only 600 feet away from his neighbor’s front porch.

Sonya Rutland says, "When you first think 600 feet you think, well, that's a good distance, but when you're sitting in your front yard trying to have a cookout, chicken houses will be right in your front yard."

Even though the neighbors are not happy about this, the landowner is in complete compliance with county regulations.

Jimmy Parker says, "As long as somebody meets the zoning ordinance and codes it's perfectly legal to build a chicken house."

Although no law is being broken, the neighbors plan to do all they can to prevent Sanderson Farms from building the chicken houses in their area. They also have a warning for other communities.

Sonya Rutland says, "Be proactive. Know what's going on so that you don't get caught in the situation that we're in, that we're now having to take a legal."

Rutland says had she gone to a county commission meeting, she might have known about the houses early enough to do something.

The neighbors are concerned about the smell of the chicken houses. They are also concerned about the traffic the houses will bring to the area.