Woman Rescued in Gadsden County

A Gadsden County man, who became infatuated with his co-worker, kidnapped and held her hostage for a week, according to deputies. They say it happened to a woman who was drugged and sexually abused during a one-week ordeal.

What began as a normal day set aside for laundry and shopping quickly turned into a nightmare for a Gadsden County woman.

Deputies say last Monday 23-year-old Francisco Orellana kidnapped the woman and forced her into his car. They say he took her to his home at the Hilltop trailer park where he drugged and sexually abused her.

Deputy Joe Hall says, "There was some sexual intercourse between the two, twice while she was under the medication he prescribed her, and there was four to five times there was a forcible sexual encounter.”

Authorities say the victim was held hostage in a back bedroom under lock and key, and they say the woman tried unsuccessfully to escape.

Deputy Hall adds, "She told the subject she had to go to the bathroom and tried to get out of the back door and he grabbed her by the hair and dragged her back into the bedroom and told her she wasn't going to do that again.”

Deputies say as the week wore on the woman started playing on Orellana's emotions by crying and begging him to release her, and he did so on Saturday.

Orlellana is being charged with false imprisonment and seven counts of sexual battery. He is currently in the Gadsden County Jail. His bond is set at $100,000.