Tallahassee Woman Featured in National Geographic

A Tallahassee woman is featured in National Georgaphic's new "swimsuit.” The photo-famous magazine is celebrating 100 years of swimsuits, and right there on page 45 is Tallahassee’s own Mary Anne Hartwell.

The caption says, "What's the use of putting on lipstick at the bottom of a lake?"

It's no lake, it's Wakulla Springs and the young woman in the red swimsuit is Mary Ann Hartwell.

"I just happened to be there, going swimmin' and Newt Perry who manages the Springs asked me and this other girl if we'd just swim down there and sit on a log,” Mary Anne shares.

Back then, the girls called her Mack. She was a member of the Tarpon Club at Florida State, and one day in the summer of '43, photographers from National Geographic took a khodacrome picture of her.

The picture first appeared in the January 1944 issue of National Georgraphic. And now, nearly 60 years later, the photo is back on newsstands.

"It was a real surprise, I, like it a lot!” says Don Hartwell, Mary Anne’s husband.

Mary Anne’s husband special ordered a copy, and Mary Anne admits she's reminiscing about Wednesdays and Saturdays spent holding her breath in the cool clean waters.

Mary Anne says it's not easy getting in and out of the pool these days, but at age 79, she still likes the water, and has a pool right in the backyard.