Runoff Election in Tallahassee

Election officials say they're getting about 35-percent of Tallahassee’s registered voters to cast ballots in this runoff.

That's not bad for a spring election, but it's almost half the turnout we saw in this fall's gubernatorial election.

Of course, that's why some would like to see city elections held in the fall. Still, voting officials say good weather helps get out the vote.

“Thanks to weather men for getting us clear skies, no rain. Seeing about 35 percent up until 1 p.m. today now whether that will hold I can't say but it's looking good, little better than where it was in the primary,” comments Janet Olin, Assistant Supervisor, Leon County Elections.

In the primary, elections officials saw a huge surge of voters from FAMU. They say FAMU students have not been as dominant in early voting this go-round, but they may be casting their ballots today.

They're still getting in absentee ballots from overseas and military residents. Elections officials say they had to move fast after the vote three weeks ago to get those runoff ballots printed and in the mail.