Health Department Holds Free Immunization Clinics

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Tallahassee teenager Raneisha Knight admits getting shots is no fun, but she says she understands she has to get her up-to-date vaccinations so she can move on to 7th grade.

“The first reason why I think it's important to get these shots is I won’t have to do it over the summer so I can get it out of the way when I go to 7th grade so I won’t have to worry about this. Besides, I don’t want to be sick in 7th grade and be missing out on all the school and you know, failing.”

Several parents and children spent part of their Presidents’ Day holiday at one of Leon County’s free immunization clinics.

"It's necessary ‘cause I've lived in foreign countries and we’ve had all the shots going in different places so we get ‘em all done, get ‘em over with," said Judi Page, who is with her son Benjamin.

Registered Nurse Ann Waltz says it’s all for the health and safety of the community.

"We’ve done an awful lot of shots for 6th graders going into 7th grade next year. We’ve been doing a lot of what's called a T-dab with a cellular protesis vaccine for the teens. We’ve also seen some babies and given a lot of routine baby shots as well and really we're basically assessing every child’s immunization record to see what vaccines they need to stay at their optimum state of health.”

It’s a shot in the arm to make sure these kids are protected. The Leon County Health Department plans to have more outreach clinics in the coming months.