Bears, Oh My!

There’s a bear or bears on the loose in the Lake Talquin area.

Norman Munyon says a bear knocked down parts of his fence and took four of his goats. The first one, he says, came up missing about a month ago.

Norman Munyon says, "A week later on Martin Luther King's birthday, my son came up from Orlando and I missed another goat. He went over in the woods about 30 yards and found the carcass."

Florida Fish and Wildlife set up a trap on Munyon's property. Within two hours a bear was caught, and then they let it loose in the woods just one week later, a third goat was missing.

The trap stayed out for several days, then the FWC came and got it. You can guess what happened after that.

Norman says, "A week later, I'm missing another goat. I called Fish and Game and they came out again and brought this thing out [the trap]. They found the carcass of another goat up there."

Munyon says his wife is afraid to go outside, and neighbors fear for their children's safety.

Randall Sunmer, a concerned parent, says, "I would like to keep an eye on them. They're not able to defend themselves against something like that, so it is a concern."

FWC biologist Robby Edalgo’s office is in Panama City, but he says that since the culvert trap isn't working again another method is foot snares, but even that would be a difficult way to trap a bear on Munyon's 17 acres.