FSU Faculty Union Members Upset Over Salaries

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Members of the faculty union say increases are warranted, while the university says the money just isn't there.

"Nobody has gotten a dime for their performance that's reflected in their spring 2005 performance evaluation," says Jack Fiorito, president of FSU's chapter of the United Faculty of Florida.

The chapter demonstrated in front of the university's Westcott Building, upset over current salaries.

"The administration is saying that we have no money to increase our salaries, so we've worked for a whole year without any increase in salary. Inflation goes up and we keep dropping lower," says professor Susan Fiorito.

"I see the efforts, or at least the words the university is pronouncing about wanting to seek AAU membership, then I look at the reality that we can't bring our faculty up to par with other division I research universities," says professor Ralph Brower.

Last July the UFF and the university came to an agreement on salary issues, but union members still believe FSU is holding out on merit increases for deserving faculty.

"We met with the faculty representatives in December and those funds are just not there. There is nothing more to add to what we feel is a fair wage package that has already been agreed to," says Michael Mattimore, the attorney representing FSU.

"We insisted on having a reopen clause that allowed us to revisit the salary issue. The reason we did that is because we knew other universities were finding money in their budgets to provide merit increases and other increases to faculty. FSU was saying it couldn't do that," adds Fiorito.

Wednesday, the two sides are scheduled for a non-legal binding mediation. If both sides cannot come to an agreement the Board of Trustees will have the final say.