Breast Prosthesis Fittings

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Hearing the words "you have breast cancer" is definitely a life changing moment, but women like Lisa Raleigh, who've had a mastectomy, have been comforted by a unique service in Tallahassee.

TMH's "A Woman's Place," specially fits breast cancer survivors with bras and prosthesis. Lisa says it gives her peace of mind.

Raleigh says, "I don't think about it at all and I think that's the goal you have regardless of the choice you make, whether you go ahead with reconstructive surgery or use a prosthetic. You want to go about your business and not have to think about it, and that's where I am."

Image recovery specialist and breast cancer survivor Karen Hinson says most insurances cover the prosthesis.

For more information, call (850) 431-4926.