Hakim Sentencing Hearing Underway

A Tallahassee man stunned the courtroom Wednesday morning when he stood up, apologized and took full responsibility for murdering Steven Victor.

Yusuf Hakim pled no contest on Monday and now his attorneys are trying to convince the judge he shouldn't spend the rest of his life in prison.

Yusuf Hakim said, "I, Yusuf Hakim, take full responsibility for my actions, the action that was brought forth by my hands. I am fully responsible for it."

Yusuf Hakim in handcuffs and jailhouse blues spoke eloquently and clearly in court, accepting responsibility for shooting and killing Steven Victor and apologizing to his family.

Yusuf said, "If I could have seen just one minute into the future, by God, this horrific act would not have taken place."

Hakim admits he shot and killed Steven Victor that morning in June of 2004, just as Victor was leaving Hakim's ex-wife's home on Bonnie Drive. Now in an attempt to spare him a possible life sentence, Hakim's attorneys are trying to convince the judge that this was all tragically out of character and driven by depression.

Leah Johnson, Hakim's ex-wife, said, "It wasn't like it was new, the violence wasn't new."

But Hakim's ex-wife and mother of his young daughter described a jealous and controlling man who had pulled a gun on her once before when she told him their relationship was over.

Leah Johnson, Hakim's ex-wife, explained, "He jumped and pulled the gun, which I feel probably is the same handgun, and put it to my head."

Testimony in that sentencing hearing will continue Thursday. Hakim faces 25 years to life. Judge Sjostrom is expected to make that decision Thursday.