Floridians Polled on Tax Cuts, Candidates

The Quinnipiac University survey finds Floridians overwhelmingly think the state’s budget surplus should go to improve education and other state programs.

Sixty percent want to use the surplus to address Florida’s needs, 33 percent favor property, sales, and investment tax cuts.

“By almost a 2 to 1 margin, they say that they don’t want the $1.5 billion tax cut plan that Governor Bush has talked about. What’s interesting about the data is that you would expect it to be polarized. Democrats would be against the tax cut, Republicans would be for it. Democrats are overwhelmingly against the tax cut. Republicans are only marginally for it,” says Peter Brown of Quinnipiac University.

The same poll also finds all four candidates for governor having trouble connecting with voters.

However, Charlie Crist holds a nine point lead over Tom Gallagher on the Republican side and Democrat Jim Davis with a better than a 2-1 advantage over Rod Smith.