Georgia Schools Are Graded on the Web

It's not just students who are receiving report cards, so are their schools, at least in Georgia.

The State Department of Education released the 2001-2002 public education report cards Wednesday. Are you curious about how your child's school compares to others in the state?

That answer is now just a click away in cyberspace.

The 2001-2002 public education report cards were released Wednesday over all, it indicates Georgia schools are improving in areas such as high school graduation tests and SAT scores.

Schools are ranked in nine categories, including student demographics, state required tests, and graduate achievement, in fact, several schools in our area rank in the top 20 of college prep and vocation endorsements.

Thomasville schools ranked 98 out of 173 schools systems for high school completion rates, Thomas County schools ranked sixth in the state.

Data from the report cards also indicates the state's drop out rate has declined to 3.4-percent in grades six through 12.

Just another statistic school officials say they want to improve.

If you would like to take a look at the state's report card or any individual school system or school, you can log onto the Department of Education's Web site at