Anti-Smoking Billboards in Georgia

Unite Georgia has unveiled its new anti-smoking campaign for the next year. The group says the ads are more blunt than ever in telling people they can make a difference in reducing the number of smokers in the peach state.

Starting this Friday, drivers across Georgia will begin noticing new anti-smoking billboards. Advocates say the ads are aimed at getting people to think about how they can help themselves and others live healthier lives.

In just a few days, billboards in the state of Georgia will begin carrying a new message. This is just one of the new billboards designed to remind Georgians that they can live healthier lives if they quit smoking.

"The tone of it resonates something that's more compelling and more compelling and more meaningful. Its a bolder approach to attract the attention of all Georgians and get them to take action,” says Kenyarda Moore, a tobacco use prevention advocate.

The theme of this campaign is Do Your Part. And in this ad, parents are reminded to speak to their children about tobacco use.

While this approach is more direct than previous ones, some feel the money would be better used on education programs.

"We have sex education classes to tell people about abstinence and the consequences of having sex, you should have the same kind of thing when it comes to smoking and it comes to drinking and the other types of things that are harmful to yourself and other people,” adds Laytoya Shaw, an occasional smoker.

Tobacco use prevention experts say this kind of campaign will get people talking about what they can do to live in a smoke free environment. And one ad even encourages smokers to seek help in kicking the habit by calling a toll free quit line. And at least ten of these billboards will be placed around the south health district.

Tobacco prevention experts say the previous ads did a great job, and they expect these new ones to continue to influence people.