Gangs in Leon County?

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"I think that gangs are a potential problem anywhere," says one Leon County school district administrator.

But what does law enforcement in Leon County have to say about that?

"We have a pretty significant presence of gang members in the area and they are spread throughout Leon County. Some people think they're only in certain parts of the city; they're not, they're in all areas" says DET Grady Jordan.

The Sheriff's Office says not only are there gangs in Leon County, but the county is also a "fertile recruiting ground."

Deputies say gang members from bigger areas with well known gangs come to Leon County, because if these gangs come here with big names, "They have credibility with these younger kids and they're able to organize these kids to influence them to commit crimes," adds DET Jordan.

Now, school administrators say they are becoming more educated about the issues related to gangs, and add that parents need to get involved too.

"Often kids get in gangs when there's not enough parental oversight," says Assistant Principal Zachary Ansley.

So if you see any signs that may look like it may be related to a gang on your children's book bag or clothing, deputies and administrators say get involved and make sure your children are not.

If you have any questions about something you think may be related to gangs, you can call you child's school or LCSO at (850) 922-3300.