Local College Recruits High School Students

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The college prepared a number of presentations for teachers aimed at teaching them what programs and services are available at Southwest Georgia Tech.

The college hopes that by educating teachers, they can reach students who may be looking for options other than a four-year degree.

Joyce Halstead says, "We know that teachers have a great impact on students and students come to them for advice and guidance and counseling while they're in high school, but they also look to them for direction when they start to transition into post-secondary."

Principal Dr. Tom McCall of Thomasville High School says, "A lot of students are able to stay home, keep their local jobs here and at the same time get trained in good careers that'll make them a lot of money."

McCall says this is an important event for the school to participate in because nearly half of the students at Thomasville High stay in the area.