New, Less Invasive Treatment for Leg Pain Sufferers

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Patricia Childress says the pain in her legs was so severe that she couldn't even play with her two-year-old granddaughter.

Patricia says, "I couldn't keep up with her, and I couldn't do a whole lot, maybe five minutes on my feet, then sit down."

Patricia was suffering from peripheral vascular disease, or PVD. A blockage in an artery behind her belly button was cutting off circulation to her lower legs.

"My legs were just always hurting, in pain,” she explains.

Searching for relief, Patricia turned to Dr. Rex Teslink at Archbold Hospital where Teeslink and colleagues are some of the first using the high tech Silverhawk system.

Dr. Rex Teeslink, an interventional radiologist, says, "It's almost a miracle device when you talk to patients the day after a procedure."

Through a small incision, the Silverhawk system shaves off cholesterol and fat build-up in the blocked artery, traps it in a chamber, and pulls it out. Dr. Teeslink says the procedure is much less invasive and painful than alternatives such as stents and angioplasties.

For Patricia, it means returning to a normal life, and making up for lost play time with her granddaughter.

"It's going to be fun, and now I can go and play with her."

And that reunion should come soon as she prepares to walk through hospital doors once again, this time pain free.

Archbold's Dr. Rex Teeslink says if untreated, PVD often leads to amputations.