Inmate Sex in Gadsden County

A female inmate is claiming she had sexual intercourse with the guard.

It's business as usual in cell block B as inmates carry on their daily duties, but that block is now at the center of an internal investigation.

Sheriff Morris Young says a female inmate claims she and a rookie correctional officer had consensual sex in the county jail.

Sheriff Morris Young says, "We were conducting another investigation that she was involved in and she immediately told us about the allegations about the correctional officer."

Investigators say the alleged sexual encounter took place in the cell block. At this time the officer has resigned.

Sheriff Young says the correctional officer resigned after being questioned about the incident. If the findings prove true the correctional officer may be looking at jail time.

Sheriff Young adds, "After the investigation is done there's a possibility that charges can be filed on this correctional officer."

This is the second time the Gadsden County Sheriff's Office has had to deal with sexual misconduct allegations. In 1996, a female inmate, Cassandra Collins, claimed she was raped by former jail administrator Roosevelt Baker while serving time at the facility.

Collins championed for a bill making any sex, consensual or not, illegal between inmates and jailers.

For now the sheriff will not release the name of the officer who is at the center of the storm. If convicted he may be the first officer in Gadsden County to be sentenced under the law that resulted from sexual misconduct at that same facility.