Accused Sex Offender Back in Tallahassee

An accused sex offender who fled the country is now back behind bars in Leon County.

Ours were the only cameras there when U.S. marshals brought Richard Rightmire back in handcuffs after more than six months on the run.

Sixty-four-year-old Richard Rightmire is accused of luring a teenager into pornography, sex and bondage, and then not only skipping town, but fleeing the country to avoid the 14 felony charges against him.

Though it's not the Hollywood version, a spokesman for the U.S. Marshal Service confirms Rightmire was brought back aboard the equivalent of "Con Air," ultimately flown to Tallahassee within the last 48 hours, processed at the federal courthouse in Tallahassee and then delivered in handcuffs to the Leon County Jail.

SGT Chris Chase of the Leon County Sheriff's Office said, "Historically, you'll see that many of the sex offenders don't stop. That's why it's so important that he's back here where he can be tried and have to address and have to meet his public."

Rightmire, who was wearing a GPS monitor when he disappeared amidst the power outages and confusion of Hurricane Dennis, will likely be held without bond while awaiting trial this time.

Rightmire may not know it, but his disappearing act has prompted big changes for folks wearing GPS monitors in Leon County. A new emergency plan is in the works that could require sex offenders who are either on probation or free awaiting trial to be rounded up and locked up in the event of tropical storms and hurricanes.