Flu Season Is Here

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The flu bug is running rampant in Tallahassee.

The Bixler Emergency Center at Tallahassee Memorial says as many as 80 people are coming through with what looks like the flu. That's a 500 percent increase over last month!

Doctors say the flu spreads easily, so to keep yourself healthy. Go back to what your mom always told you; wash your hands and don't touch your face.

Dr. Javier Escobar, Medical Director at Bixler Emergency Center, says, "We've been seeing across the board, kids, grown-ups, elderly people affected severely by the flu, a majority of our patients are able to go home, but we're seeing between 60 and 80 patients a day with flu symptoms."

It's not just the flu. Escobar says he's also seeing patients with strep throat and common cold symptoms. He advises that if you come down with a bug to avoid public places so you don't pass on those nasty germs.