Blueprint 2000

The final piece to get the Capital Circle road improvements moving is falling into place.

Blueprint 2000 says it's crossed a major milestone this week. Blueprint 2000 Executive Director Jim Davis says if you put Capital Circle improvements in terms of a hurdle, it's been crossed.

"Every Tier One project in Blueprint is active, all the segments of Capital Circle are either under design, under construction or study," he says.

The final piece of the Capital Circle puzzle falling into place with a project development and environmental study going out to bid for Capital Circle Southwest between Orange and Crawfordville Road.

Jack Diestelhorst says, "I'm very excited that Blueprint 2000 is able to take projects that the citizens of Leon County have wanted so badly, and building them quickly and building them high quality and getting it done."

There have been several hurdles Blueprint has had to cross. Davis says it had come up short $200 million for the first part of the Blueprint project, also known as Tier One.

That was helped out with an additional $64 million in grants that was recently allocated to several projects, including the Capital Circle Southwest study a part of that. Davis says now that the hurdles have been crossed there are other tiers in Blueprint to conquer.

Blueprint says it's taken only 14 months since the first tax dollars were collected to get the Capital Circle projects and a few others rolling.