FCAT Mentors in Madison County

Madison County is enlisting members of the community to help their students do well on the upcoming test.

Johnnie Woods, Sr. is working one-on-one with students at Madison County Excel School, helping them score high marks on the upcoming FCAT, and so far some students are already seeing marked improvement.

Terrance Reaves, a student, says, "I feel like this year I will score better because everyday I learn something new. It's just stored up in my brain because it's helping me a lot in classes and everything."

And with the help of mentors, educators are hoping this undivided attention will eventually add up to success.

Dennis Miller, a mentor, says, "The main thing is they realize how important that the FCAT is for them to get a piece of paper when they walk down the stage that's a high school diploma, not a piece of paper saying they've been here."

Mentors say it's important for the community to pencil in a time to help students who have a difficult time academically.

Johnnie Woods, Sr. says, "This is my community. These kids need the entire community to help them year round."

Woods is hoping others will follow suit and motivate these students to excel on the FCAT and in life.