Special Olympics in Gadsden County

The Winter Olympics is taking place in Italy, but here at home some special athletes are taking part in "summer" Olympics.

Several Gadsden County students are participating in this year's Special Olympics and racing to the finish line. The athletes are showcasing their skills in an array of events including track and field.

Organizers say the Special Olympics is the perfect tool to give students a morale boost.

Margaret Pinson, coordinator for Gadsden County, says, "I want them to think they're successful and they can compete anywhere, and they leave us and do football with the regular squads they can compete in track, it's just that they can do anything they set their minds to."

The winners of Gadsden County's Summer Olympics will advance to Tallahassee, competing with other athletes on March 16. Winners from that event will head to Tampa for the state competition.