Local Soldiers in Iraq, Part V

The soldiers live on a base, but provide security for supply convoys all over Iraq.

Soldiers living in Iraq live in close quarters. Soldiers on their home base in Tallil live six to a trailer, which is divided up into three rooms of two. Space is tight.

SGT Rodney Flowers of Lakeland, GA says, "It's a 5 by 12 space living area. It’s pretty much enough for a small amount of privacy."

Soldiers say spending a year in close proximity is sometimes tricky, but overwhelmingly a good thing. They say they get to know each other as well as family, and sometimes life takes on that kind of feel here.

Flowers says, "There's two of us living here. We have a TV, computer access. The TV, my roommate’s computer, we both use them."

There are necessities and luxuries like coffeemakers and computers, and there are reminders of home as well.

Soldiers at their home base live in these containerized housing units. There are hundreds of them spread across the base, but the soldiers don't spend much time here. They are on the road so much they are only back at their home base four or five days a month.

On the road life is a little different. There, 18 or 20 men tend to be crowded together in tents or a small cabins.

SGT Johnny Hosendoll of Valdosta says, "Walk down, as you can see there's not that much space. Here my top bunk is my sleeping area. It's better than sleeping on a cot. This is my portable DVD player. There's a broom, air conditioning. Were living good."

But after two days or a week on the road, the soldiers always head back to their base camp to relax and prepare for the next trip.