LCSO Creates New Sex Offender Unit

It may surprise you to know that right now there are more than 300 sex offenders and predators living in Leon County, and the Sheriff's Department has just created a new unit to try to keep a closer eye on them.

Sex offenders are required to come to the Sheriff's Department every six months to register, giving fingerprints the first time and making sure their address and ID are up to date each time after that. Business is booming.

DET Patti Iadanza with LCSO says, "We've head four of five today already, and it's only 10:28 in the morning."

LT Bruce Gaines has just been put in charge of a new sex offender intelligence unit which will do more frequent and unannounced checks on sex offenders throughout the county.

LT Bruce Gaines says, "The personnel that will be assigned to this unit, they will build relationships with these sex offenders and they can learn more about them, so we can keep closer tabs on them."

As of today, there are 315 sexual offenders and predators living in Leon County.

This new sex offender unit will concentrate the efforts of two full time deputies and possibly more on making sure those offenders are not checking in twice a year and playing footloose the rest.

Larry Campbell, Leon County Sheriff, says, "These people didn't get in this situation because they were following the rules. I'd rather spend a little extra time with one of the deputies than to have one of the children fall through the cracks."

Not only will this unit try to keep closer tabs on the activities and whereabouts of sex offenders, but it will increase attempts to catch pedophiles who seek children online.