Capital City Challenge Motorcycle Rodeo

The rodeo is in town this weekend, but this one doesn't feature any bulls or horses. You're more likely to see hogs and BMWs.

It's the second annual capital city challenge. More than 70 motor officers from as far away as Texas are in Tallahassee to see who can negotiate this obstacle course the fastest.

The guys and gals call it a great mix of camaraderie and training.

CAPT Jesse Bowman of the Fairfax County, VA Police Department says, "These types of motorcycle competitions represent the environment that a police motor officer is in every day, all year long, all kinds of conditions, all kinds of traffic and weather conditions and obstacles, and these really hone your skills and sharpen your skills so you can meet those challenges."

The top motor officers can weave through this course of more than 200 cones in less than two minutes. It's free if you want to watch Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Sears parking lot at Governor's Square Mall.

They're even raffling off a Harley. Four deputies from LCSO and four TPD officers will be competing hoping to keep bragging rights here at home.