Thief Steals From 92-Year-Old Man

Just one month shy of his 93rd birthday, a local carpenter has been robbed of his livelihood. Someone has stolen all of his tools.

Arnold W. Higgins, a carpenter, says, "Hammers, pry bars, tri-squares, six-foot rulers, 100-foot tapes, 30-foot tapes. Whatever a carpenter or woodworker might need."

Ninety-two-year-old Higgins has been a carpenter for 77 years. Eight years ago we profiled him working hard in his self-made shop.

Arnold says, "A lot of those tools in the box would be 50 years or older."

He says when leaving a business on Thomasville Road in Tallahassee Thursday, he noticed the tailgate of his truck was open and his entire toolbox was missing.

Arnold adds, "It made me wonder what I did to have all this bad luck happen to me. Why is somebody trying to put me under, or what?”

Tallahassee Kitchen Center has been referring their customers to Higgins for more than eight years now.

Susan Grabowski, CKD/Vice President of Tallahassee Kitchen Center, says, "Everyone seemed satisfied. In fact, he would go to their house and do the project that they had and he would end up with more work because they would find other things for him to do. He was amazing for his age; he could do just about anything."

Arnold says, "I do all miscellaneous work. So I really need my tools to be able to make money to pay my bills."

Higgins says not only do his tools help pay the bills, they also keep him active and healthy.