Kids Against Hunger

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For the last year Cairo High School students have volunteered two days a week packaging food to feed the hungry.

Blaine Drew, a volunteer, says, "Over the years it got to be something that I felt was necessary for the community. We've helped people in Louisiana and all kinds of countries, especially in the Hurricane Katrina disaster."

The food palettes are a mixture of rice, soy, vegetables, and protein and can feed up to six people, and in one night this group packs ten boxes, feeding 2,000 people.

Johnnie Marshall, a volunteer, says, "It gives us a chance to give back to the community and the world. It's just a great thing to do. You feel good about it that you're helping kids in third world countries, that you're actually helping out."

Ashley Noles, a volunteer, says, "I like the feeling of helping people besides me and it's really fun to do."

With the help of this group and other volunteers "Kids Against Hunger" has fed nearly 500,000 people and the organization plans to feed another 500,000 this year.

Out of a small room in a small town this organization is making a difference worldwide. To volunteer or make a donation to "Kids Against Hunger" contact Anne Horne at 229-377-0633.