Birthday Bears

Cupcakes, candles, and presents; sounds like a child's birthday party, but this time the presents aren't for the birthday boy.

At the young age of seven, Parker Wilson has already learned a very valuable lesson. It is better to give then to receive.

Parker Wilson says, "We're going to give bears to the Police Department because the children need them."

For his seventh birthday Parker didn't ask for a new bike or a video game; he asked all of his friends to give him a stuffed animal so they can all be donated to the Tallahassee Police Department.

Cherrill Wilson, Parker's mother, says, "The Police Department has a wonderful program. They carry the bears in the truck and when the officers feel there is a child in need they can give them bears."

Seven is a young age, but for Parker it's not too young to understand how one bear can make a lasting impression.

Parker says, "Because they're going to give homeless kids or really sad kids, they're going to give bears to them so they can feel better."

And Parker is not the only one that knows how significant donating the bears can be.

Jeanne Ragsdale is thankful her daughter was given a bear when she was involved in a serious accident.

Jeanne Ragsdale says, "She arrived with this smile on her face holding this little teddy bear and continued to snuggle with that bear for almost a year.”

Parker's one charitable gesture has the opportunity to help numerous children, some even his own age.

OFC Sonya Bush with the Tallahassee Police Department agreed to pick up the stuffed animals, even on her Sunday off, and deliver them to the station.