Tallahassee College Students Head to Mississippi

Five months after Hurricane Katrina hit, cleanup efforts in the Gulf Coast are still continuing.

A group from Thomasville Road Baptist Church is taking a mission trip to Bay St. Louis, Mississippi to assist in the efforts. The group made up of Tallahassee college students will leave March 5 to help Mississippi residents.

Trip organizers say every year college students use their spring break to go on mission trips. This year, there was no doubt in their minds that Bay St. Louis resident needed their help.

Rachel Graham with Thomasville Road Baptist Church says, "This year after the hurricane hit we just felt like we really needed to stay close to home and help our neighbors in the area. There was a lot of attention given to New Orleans, but it seemed like the people in Mississippi had been forgotten about."

The students had to pay $100 each for the trip. Church members pulled together and donated much needed supplies such as buckets, brushes, and other cleanup supplies.