Concerns Over New School

School Bus MGN KAUZ

Money to build a new southside school was approved by the Leon County School Board Tuesday, as part of a $61 million package.

But talk of a new school on the southside is bringing to life old concerns.

The school board has slated several million to construct a new elementary school for students on the southside of town, but where to put this school is the real test.

The ties that bond this school to the community date back generations.

Seventy-six-year-old Margaret Sanders went here. Now her two grandchildren sing the same Alma Mater. But Margaret fears this family bond is about to be broken.

"We like to be involved in our children's activities, because we don't have to far to go,” Sanders says.

The Leon County School Board is moving forward with plans to build a new elementary school on the southside, that will serve students from Wesson and Bond.

"We want all schools to look same on westside, southside and eastside,” Dee Crumpler of the Leon County School Board adds.

Margaret is afraid this new school will close her beloved Bond and mean buses for her babies.

"Busing them out to excuse my French hell's half acre, is going to be hard on them and us parents unless you got your own transportation,” exclaims Sanders.

Superintendent Bill Montford says the new school will be located in the same neighborhood and kids will not be bused.

Exactly where the new school will go is still a mystery, but there's no question about the need.

"A new school will provide a chance for our kids to excel and get new quality of life and starts with education,” Perry West comments.

There is a lot of concern over what will happen to the two schools, especially Bond, one of the oldest in Leon County. Superintendent Montford said one of the most important things when making their decision where to put the new school will be the historical significance and value of Bond and Wesson as well.

The board approved $61 million in bonds to complete five years with projects in just two, so the new school could open as soon as 2005, but there is nothing written in stone.