Tallahassee Club Fire Inspections

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In the wake of last week's deadly night club fire in Rhode Island, the Tallahassee Fire Department is stepping up its inspections of local clubs.

A trio of inspectors is hoping to visit 30 clubs this week.

Fire inspector Tim McCown is checking the flammability of stage curtains at the moon. That's one of more than s 50 club checklist.

He checks to make sure emergency lights are working, that sprinkler heads are unobstructed, and that alarms are functioning properly.

The Moon is just one of 30 clubs on the inspection list this week. Some of the violations found already this month?

Emergency exits at Monroe’s Pool Hall have extra locks on them, they must be removed within 10 days.

A fabric draped over the bar at brothers is highly flammable. It must be removed within 24 hours. And inspectors say the most serious violation? The alarm system at Floyd's isn't connected. The club is shut down for a day until the system is hooked up properly.

At the Moon they’ll have to make a few minor changes, including putting a lock on the breaker so no one can tamper with the fire alarm.

We want to point out that the violations we mentioned in this story are simply examples of those found.

Both Brothers and Floyd's fixed the problems immediately. And Monroe’s was just inspected Tuesday. It still has another week to comply.